This elegant wedding took place in Ptolemaida The wedding was a dreamy and enchanting celebration of their love, destined to be etched in the hearts of all who attended for years to come.

Olga, a vision of ethereal beauty in her romantic-chic wedding gown, exuded grace and elegance as she made her way down the aisle to her beloved Theofilos.

The venue was transformed into a whimsical wonderland, adorned with an abundance of vibrant flowers in hues of blush pink and soft lavender, creating a magical and romantic ambiance. Olga's vintage white car, a symbol of timeless elegance, awaited the newlyweds as they bid farewell to their loved ones, embarking on a journey of love and togetherness.

The wedding reception at the hotel exuded elegance and sophistication. As they made their grand entrance, fireworks lit up the night sky, adding a touch of magic to the occasion. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy as the couple danced with their guests, creating unforgettable memories that lasted until the early hours of the morning.



Ptolemaida, Greece


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