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Disclaimers and Internet Liability Limitations

Zacharias Chasiotis, through the website www.zachoschasiotis.com, makes every possible effort to ensure that all content and the information displayed on the website are characterized by accuracy, clarity, completeness, timeliness and availability.

However, under no circumstances does Zacharias Chasiotis guarantee and therefore shall not be liable (not even by negligence) for any damage caused to the user from using the website. Furthermore, Zacharias Chasiotis assumes no responsibility for any possible damage restoration (positive or negative, indicatively: loss of profits, data, compensation, etc.) for users of our website or third parties, on grounds related to the operation or non-operation, the use of the website, any failure of the website to provide information or any unauthorized third party interventions to information available through the website.

Every possible effort is made for the smooth operation of the network, but in no case does Zacharias Chasiotis guarantee that the operation of the website or the servers will be uninterrupted or error-free, free of viruses and similar items, whether this pertains to the website, or to any other website or server through which its content is transmitted.

Exclusion of Encouragement – Advice

No part of the website content, provided to the users is and can be regarded in any way, directly or indirectly, as encouragement, advice or incitement to any act or omission, but rather it is at the discretion of the users after evaluation to act on their own will, without any liability on the part of Zacharias Chasiotis.

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